I can t tip my verified websites

my published accounts won’t show as verified and my balance can t be withdrawn

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On desktop or mobile? Also, self-tipping is not recommended. It may (or may not) lead to account suspension.

@eljuno @steeven
I have the same problem and other friends also report the same. The problem is that all content creators come out as unverified and it is impossible to give them contribution as content creators, there is a problem that causes such error.

I have windows 7 64 bit
I have the latest version of BRAVE:
Brave is updated desktop computer
Chromium version 1.10.97: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I hope a prompt response or solution to this error presented to many users.

Annex evidence of the exposed here.! You can see that everyone should be verified and they say they are not.

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