Norton reporting that Brave is EOL

Norton 360 is reporting that Brave 1.52.122 is EOL. What should I do? Should I be concerned?

I got that too and can’t get the latest update to complete with Norton software updater.

Upate: Finally got updated with help from Norton.

Norton says Brave is not a part of their automatic update program, but will do it if you ask. That is why EOL. Makes no sense to me, but that was the support guy’s answer.

So after a nearly 2 hour chat session with no less than 10 Norton help desk agents, all they did was put Brave on the exclusion list.

Mine said to go ahead and try to update it and that worked the 3rd time! I think maybe just doig it on our own is the easiest answer!

This may have something to do with the fact that Norton is pushing like hell its own browser right now. Just an unethical move on their part.

This is no exception to their strategy, there are various other similar maneuvers they employ, such as constantly reporting that a user is at persistently high risk because they have not purchased a subscription (while they did - but they did not purchase a renewable subscription with automatic payments).

I suggest excluding Brave completely from searching for updates in Norton and updating it manually in the browser itself, which literally takes three clicks.

Thank you all for reporting this — was not aware that they were blocking us in this way. Will see if there is something we can do to get on the exclusion list permanently.

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Having the same issue as the original poster of this thread. Norton indicates Brave is EOL.

I also re-attempted to make Norton update Brave by selecting the box (did this about twenty times) but it still says EOL. I confirmed Brave is up to date by checking in my browser settings.

Now I see from this forum that I should add Brave to the exclusion list in Norton.

So I don’t accidentally miss an update from Brave, is there a way to sign up for automatic updates somehow in Brave browser settings?

Just wanted to add that 17 days later, norton still displays brave as EOL.

I have reached out to Norton to add us to the exclusion list permanently. They were…less than helpful, but hopefully will know soon what they can do about it.


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