No verification

I opened a Gemini account and linked it to my Brave rewards. It was verified all month of October. In November it was in and mostly out of verification. It took until yesterday to receive my November rewards. The blue check was on the rewads triangle for 5 minutes and disappeared. Are there issues with the verification happening to anyone else? How can i fix it when it won’t allow me to click on the unverified tab. Nothing happens. What can i do? Creative a ticket doesn’t work because it needs my id number which I can’t get not being verified.

@USSRanger Hi and welcome to the community. I think this is a continuation (duplicate) of your previous topic post: My Gemini account
You should follow up in that post. Duplicate posts tend to create confusion and extra work. I will try to offer some additional information/help in the topic I linked above. :slightly_smiling_face:

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