Can not verify brave reward by gemini wallet

Can not verify brave with Gemini wallet

My brave wallet has been verified with Gemini wallet then suddenly unverified since March.

I always receive a notice of error whenever i make verification. The forum said this kind of mistake was fix in February but this occured to me in March. I contact gemini technical support, he said contact Brave technical support as some people got this mistake before.
What should I do to verify brave with Gemini wallet

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Same case as mine. Since last week up 'til now, there’s always an error showing “Sorry there was a problem processing you request, please try again” whenever I try to verify and connect my gemini wallet.

Same issue. I want to claim my Brave rewards but this notification is also appearing: “Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.”

I am also now having this problem after having used the app for several months without issue. As far as I know nothing changed but I am unable to verify. Very frustrating as there seems to be no resolution.

Same here, “brave rewards profile flagged” as of this am 4/15 and I have not been receiving any rewards using the brave browser since Jan. Who can help me please?

I have the same issue (was “unverified” for no clear reason, could no longer connect) and now it takes it up a notch - apparently my profile is flagged due to “irregular activity”… but also could be a “false positive”

This is just random at this point. Feels like the devs screwed up something major and still haven’t been able to fix it properly…

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exactly what happen to me. Many people have same problem but brave technical support team did not have any action to this problem.

The same here, please fix this bug

My Gemini wallet has also been flagged. I was occasionally using ExpressVPN. Other than that there is no explanation I can think of other than something has gone wrong on the side of Brave. Please fix this so I can start making BAT again!

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