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My Gemini account that was verified in the beginning of Nov, now is not verified and i did not receive my Nov rewards. Why is my account not verified aymore?

Hello @USSRanger, sorry to hear that. Please submit a ticket so our rewards team can better assist you with this and further investigate the issue:


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Thanks for the help. I can’t find my brave id, nor which version. I followed what it said to do, but there is no info there.

@USSRanger, once you have this information handy please submit the ticket so the rewards team can better assist you. Thanks in advance.

USSRanger Topic #458521
I opened a Gemini account and linked it to my Brave rewards. It was verified all month of October. In November it was in and mostly out of verification. It took until yesterday to receive my November rewards. The blue check was on the rewads triangle for 5 minutes and disappeared. Are there issues with the verification happening to anyone else? How can i fix it when it won’t allow me to click on the unverified tab. Nothing happens. What can i do? Creative a ticket doesn’t work because it needs my id number which I can’t get not being verified.

Hi and welcome to the community. If your account was verified in the past, then you should have a wallet payment id displayed at brave://rewards-internals. You can not verify an account without a wallet payment id. Try hitting the refresh button at brave://rewards-internals and see if that updates your display. If your wallet payment id is still blank, then your data may be corrupted. As far as I know, you could restore your user data from a backup of the user data folder, otherwise the information will probably not be accessible.

I am not sure what you are referencing per “the blue check on the rewards triangle”. If you are talking about the blue check in the triangle at the end of the address bar, that is just indicating that the creator account for that page is verified. The information displayed at the top left indicates your Rewards account status (verified or unverified).

You indicated you did receive your November payout (“It took until yesterday to receive my November rewards.”) so that is telling me you received the payout and your Rewards balance, whether verified or unverified, increased. Please clarify if that is not accurate.

You must have a wallet payment id or your would not be receiving a payout. The information as provided is confusing to me and I am not sure what the exact status of your Rewards account and payout is. Since it appears you did receive a payout, can you please provide the current status of your account and explain in detail the issues. A screenshot of your Rewards information and panel at brave://rewards would be very helpful!

Example of Rewards information and panel:

Sorry for the wall of text. Please post an update. Hopefully, any outstanding issues can be addressed. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

TL:DR Since you indicated you received a payout, the original issue no longer seems valid. Do you still have an issue and what is it?

Nothing happened. I did have a blue check mark for a day last week, but now it’s gone. I was able to get a payment ID, but when I filled out a report, it said the ID was invalid.

Sorry but you are still not providing enough information. Please clarify below or you can go ahead and submit a request for support help using the Brave Browser Issue form instead of the Brave Rewards (Bat/Ads) form. Put in the Description section of that form all the information requested in the Brave Rewards/Ads form including the “invalid” wallet payment id. Put a link to this topic also. Make sure to note all the issues you are experiencing.

In your last post you need to clarify:

  1. What do you mean, “nothing happened”? Where did “nothing happened” happen? What were you trying to do when “nothing happened”? What did you do, step-by-step, when “nothing happened”? Please provide more information and details.

  2. Is this the blue checkmark you are referring to? image
    That blue checkmark indicates the page creator is a verified creator. It has nothing to do with Reward payouts or verifying with Gemini or Uphold. If that is not the blue checkmark you are referring to then where do you see the checkmark you are referencing. The url or a screenshot would be helpful.

  3. You could try to fill out the Brave Rewards form again. Maybe you accidentally put the wrong information. Or, as an alternative, just submit the Brave Browser Issue form as mentioned at the top of this post. Please make sure you are providing details.

Really, unless you provide more details on exactly what is going on in a logical manner, I don’t think a Brave support employee or another community member will be able to help you with your issue. Please post an update with details if you want to continue this topic. Or let us know if you submitted a request to support using the Brave Browser Issue form at

Take care.

Thank you for the clarification and help. I will try to clear up my confusion.

You are welcome. I do hope your issue can be resolved. Good luck and take care!

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