Sponsored image not rewarding BAT for whole day

I checked the pending rewards in rewards page and it not increasing for the whole day but I see the sponsored image on every 4th tab page :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Seemed like my brave browser is not in synced with the latest catalog or something

The image below is the ntp image that I saw for the whole day and it is not the link from the 3 sponsors from the catalog above. Is my brave browser missing something ?

Same on my end today

win 10 pro (64)
Allso android phone

Might be just for today though … time will tell

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Until yesterday the sponsored images worked fine for me, today I disconnected/reconnected my Uphold wallet as recommended to fix an issue with pending rewards not being transmitted to wallet.
Since then I also face the issue that sponsored images are not rewarded. Not sure however whether it’s directly related.

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Works again today (with a different wallpaper ad). Maybe it was just a problem with this specific ad.

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I think bybit is giving the wrong link for this image only. It is working for other campaigns

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