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I have problem with brave awards. I installed brave 7 days ago on my new laptop. First day I was getting ads and Bat. I have verified uphold account. Last two days I am getting the same ad of BITPAY and it is not counting ads on 7 days history or getting any BAT. I uninstalled Brave and installed again and it is same. Only BITPAY ad and it is not recorded in Brave awards. On my mobile phone version is CRYPTO ad and it is okey, it is counted as ad.

What to do in this situation?? I installed Brave 64bit and 32bit couple of times and it is the same problem.

@steeven @Mattches could you help me guys

Are you saying that you’re only seeing the Bitpay sponsored image ad that is on the new tab page? Or are you referring a Bitpay Ad notification that is appearing?

only Bitpay sponsored image 3 day in row now and it is not counting as ad. Also I uninstalled and installed again and it is the same. Again Bitpay sponsored image and not counted

Can you please go here to the following site and tell me what Ads are available in your region and if any of them have the New tab page “Type” labled?

Bybit and crypto. These two are on type: new tab web page for all platforms

Can you share a quick screenshot, just to ensure we’re on the same page?


@Mattches you can check

@steeven @Mattches

Today it is showing me BLOCKFI ads (sponsored image) and there is no BLOCKFI ads for my region. Of course it is not counting my BAT for showing sponsored image

Please note that you can earn from up to 4 NTP SI each hour – so if you see 10 sponsored images in an hour, the Estimated earnings will still only increase four times. Are you saying that, in the past two days, that number hasn’t increased at all?

I am familiar with earning up to 4 NTP SI each our. I am saying that I see NTP ads that are not in my region for example BLOCKFI and I am not receiving BAT for it. After last update BRAVE 1.22.66 64-bit situation is the same. When I turn of rewards again I see NTP ads. On my phone Brave is not showing any ads and it is okey for today, but Brave on laptop is showing BLOCKFI and that ad is not in catalog for my country. Also previous days was the same I see ads that are not in my region and I am not getting BAT for it. Not even 1. I have got notification ADS and it was okey I got BAT for that and that were ADS for my region.

I was looking on forum and there was not anyone with the same problem. I can see ads that are not for my region and I am not getting BAT for it.

@Mattches @steeven could you check my previous reply

Can you please go to your brave://reawards-internals page and send me a DM with your wallet payment ID so I can take a look on our end?

Yes, I am sending you DM

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