No rewards, no ads

I use brave a couple of days now in pc, i use it longer on mobile.
When i visit websites in chrome i receive ads, when i visit the same website in Brave, nothing happens, so that is good. but i also do not receive any ads, or bat. what is the point of using this site and provide Brave with my information if i do not get any ads or bat?
is there a problem?

Hello @Danny. Check if Brave notifications are “on” at windows. See the screenshot:

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If you don’t see Brave notifications run this tool and check again:


thanks for your reaction, everything is on, but Brave is not in the list.

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Then use this tool and check again! :slight_smile:


I do not exactly know what that site does and tell me, but it said:
“Permission to display: granted
Permission to display: granted
Notification #3 queued for display
Notification #3 showed
Notification #3 closed
Notification #4 queued for display
Notification #4 showed”

and i get notifications at the bottom right.

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Good. Check now if will find the Brave notifications “on” at windows. See my first reply.

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It is on now. I don’t know what i changed (or the site you gave me) but i think it is working now. So, when i visit a site which normally showed banners and popups, i should now get Brave notifications / Bats?

Normally yes but first see if there are live campaigns of BAT at your country here:

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  • Netherlands (6), what does that tell me?

That normally you should receive ads because there are 6 live campaigns of ads in Netherlands.

oke, thank you for your help. I’ll see how it goes for a few days.

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OK. Have in mind that no one know the distribution of ads within a campaign but if you haven’t received nothing for sure will have some ads.

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Using this website made my ads start appearing again even though I’m sure that I already had Brave notifications enabled in system settings.

Perhaps visiting this website is worth a try for others who are having issues with ads displaying.

SO, it is 2 weeks later now, i received some pop-ups in the corner. but still no rewards, 0,0 Bat… It seems like this is not working for me, a regular add blocker can do the same job.

I am also having this issue and have followed the steps in this post (and live in the US with active ad campaigns), but it is even worse.
I also can not contribute to any websites, even ones that were previously verified publishers.
My wallet is verified as well.
Everything is online, the reward system is just unresponsive.

I had the same problem but I solved it like this:

  1. disable brave rewards
  2. disable ads notifications
  3. disable self-contributions
  4. close the borwser
  5. reopen it and re-enable all the previous options (brave rewards, ads notifications and contributions)

I received two ads in 1 hour and I see the reward in pending.
In my case it worked, I hope you too!

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