No reason for my bat suspended in publisher account!

Without any reason 649.80 bat was suspended please help me I do nothing wrong also I aware that self tip leads account suspension but I do nothing wrong!
Hope you’ll help me with my situation!

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Naughty boy!


Why are you reacting this type??

Please tell us how you got such a huge number in publishers account. :blush::blush:

I’m very curious actually. Recently I saw many people facing this issue.

Hi Rohit,
I got this total of more than 2 -3 month this this was collected from my college classmates, tution group batches and from my family too …
It’s all genuine no self tip was done …

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:clap:t2: :clap:t2: :+1:t2:

My BAT too, and i don’t know any way to withdraw it.

my god you guys just amazing, Doing brilliant job.

what do you do to get these many BAT?

Try to share as many as possible to college friends tutions , home neighbours friends and relatives u will get them I share everyday to my college on January I tell about brave on annual function day to share as possible because here don’t know what is brave and Cryptocurrency so in this way try to tell about brave you will get token as a appreciation from them and many of my new friends have no uphold they also tipped me

I do very very hard work to get those but my dream left off! Bad luck

what did @steeven said regarding this. are you going to loose the whole BAT you got from publishers account?

It may be due to the bug that Brave had a few months ago that allowed to force ad notifications and earn BAT every 15s.

Lol, bat every 15s ??

I never experienced this. I’ve been using brave since January

hey @steeven we both are facing a known issue please look on this matter still no response of my appeal brave - [Version 1.13.82 Chromium: 85.0.4183.83 ] os-windows-10 creator gmail personally had messaged you . but still no response

you have to open an uphold account

Let’s see what happened next!
I think they have some bug in their security check because many of them facing bat suspended not the account suspension

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@Arvindshaw - if you haven’t already, send an email to