Brave Publisher Account suspended due to conflict of knowledge between BAT support team and BAT team


I’ve been using Brave for over two years now and have used its ad system to self-tip (prior to having a dedicated self-serve system) into my wallet - which has been declared as permissible by the BAT team over on reddit - and decided to take out all of the earnings over that period of time and withdraw them at once. I was flagged for self-tipping which triggered the anti-fraud filter, and was able to get it resolved, no issues. I couldn’t withdraw during that period any longer as the time had expired for that month, so I waited until the month after and I suppose my auto-tip was sent to myself beforehand and tripped the system again. I was told to contact the BAT team if this occurred again. I’ve emailed them several times and managed to get a response from one who did actually unblock it, but for whatever reason it was shortlived and blocked again without any input from my end. I’ve emailed them back since that event and not a single response has been made.

@nealsfm please DM me your email linked to your account.