No payment received through Gemini, not getting Ads or Rewards

I haven’t gotten my December earnings in my Gemini account… I’m also no longer receiving popup ads. I get full page ads when I open a new tab, they show in my 30 day ad history, but they do not raise the ads received count and do not reward any BAT. BAT and Reward progress has been totally stagnant on my PC and Cell Phone for several days now.

If I’m flagged, your flagging system is clearly flawed.

Aslo, can we drop this “don’t use a VPN” BS? If you don’t want us reward collectors to use VPN services, why do you allow VPN services to advertise on Brave Rewards? Seems kind of lame to be punishing your user base for using a service that paid you to advertise on your platform, doesn’t it? So please drop all these VPN BS rules, or drop VPN advertisers… I’m not asking you to act like rocket scientist here, I’d just appreciate it if you used some reasonable common sense in your rules and advertising.

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