Is using VPN impacting the brave ads rewards?

hi i am using VPN.

I got my rewards on April 9th 2022. However it appeared once but not anymore. I checked to my gemini account (verified), still it did not add to my account.

However, if i disconnect gemini and go back to unverified, my rewards from brave ads rewards does appear.

please help.

I think it’s not yet pushed to gemini in your case since the status is still processing.

But to answer your question… yes VPN can impact brave ads, specifically the numbers like if you set to a region where more adverts are given then you will receive more ads as well… But take note, this will also lead to wallet being flagged (another impact), resulting the rewards to be not released…

If you feel that your wallet is being indeed flagged, you need to message the mods about it because they are the ones able to fix such case. But to be sure about that, wait till the gemini wallet is fully processed and if yours didn’t arrive then that’s for sure the issue.


Thanks mate.
is there any tips to increase the rewards?
like which websites i should visit like that?

unfortunately, the only way is use vpn an go to another region with more active campaigns but that one has consequences, so the only safe way is to use your own region and hope more ad campaigns will be available…

BTW, you can look up yours here:

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