No password prompt for one account on google apps

Brave on macOS 12.3.1 Apple Silicon (M1) is not prompting to save password for one particular google account.

I have 3 google accounts - two personal with domain and one for my work which is something like

Brave is propmpting to save password for both personal emails but it’s not showing save password propmpt for the non-gmail domain account.

I tried clearing the browser data but it didn’t work. Doesn’t matter if I use or to login.

@eldhash ,

Brave Support will want to know your Brave Browser version.

Google has established One Google Account Sign In processing. Hence, Signed In to One Google Account, means that your Internet browser is Signed In for all:


Presently, if you send your Internet browser to either of:

. . . in order to Sign In, then Google (servers) redirect those efforts, to the One Google Account Sign In web page at:

Such apparent consolidation, may cause a problem, when you need to be certain, that you have no duplications of usernames and passwords:

  • None of the usernames are the same

  • None of the passwords are the same

. . . among your 3 Google accounts, where you correctly want each account to have its own unique username and password combination.

In order for password management to not be confused.

My Brave version is: 1.37.116 Chromium: 100.0.4896.127 (arm64).

All the 3 accounts have different passwords. The order I login to each account doesn’t matter.

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