Brave won't offer to capture some passwords and manual entry is not supported

Similar to Manually add password to autofill, Brave won’t offer to capture my Gmail password, and there’s no way to manually enter it. It’s stored in my autofill in Brave on other systems/devices, and I even have the password for another Gmail account stored, but it doesn’t offer for this one. The post above seems to indicate that it’s a TLS version issue (in that case). Gmail is currently on 1.3 . What else could be the reason?

I also take exception with not being able to manually add passwords. I can’t remember whether or not native Chromium supports this, but I can’t imagine the harm in doing so, for those moments when Chromium falls down.

I’m running Brave on XFCE on EndeavorOS (Arch).

Given the minimum and varying password length and complexity requirements nowadays, it’s a pretty dangerous thing when our autofill mechanisms breaks down. At some point, our classic logins, federated logins, and 2FA session expirations are going to overlap, and we’re going to be in a precarious spot.

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Just to clarify, this is Google, in general. No offer to capture my password, and no option to add one manually for any of my accounts.

Apologies for the late reply here. So if I understand correctly, there’s one particular Google/Gmail account that won’t offer to save your password, but this does work for other sites in general?

If that is the case, I would recommend clearing data/resetting permissions for gmail (using lock icon in the address bar) and then try again. It’s unfortunate that you’ll likely be signed out of any Google accounts that you are signed into and have saved passwords but I imagine this will fix the issue unless its a symptom of something larger.

Alternatively, you can try creating a new profile, trying to sign into gmail using the new profile and check to see if you’re prompted to save your password here as well (that way you won’t have to clear any existing data.

I have three Google accounts in this Brave. Somehow one of them suggested/save the password for autofill, but the other two never suggest/allow it. That leads me to believe that there was either an update or system event that broke it after a certain point. Thoughts?

I can try the alternative-profile approach later.

Let me know if the alt. profile test works or not and we’ll take it from there.

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