Brave keeps forgetting my google accounts

Description of the issue: When I log into any google service like gmail, drive or just google search ect. I login with my account. Brave will save these accounts so when I go to gmail for example I can easily swap google accounts from the top right corner. However every so often it just removes them / forgets them and I have to add my accounts all over again. This happening for many months now. I tried checking all my settings like clearing browser data on exit (all turned off and it doesn’t happens every time I close the browser, just every few days til a few weeks at random.) I also reinstalled Brave, but same outcome still

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Login into google accounts
  2. Use the browser like like normal
  3. At some point it forgets my google accounts

Expected result: They are not forgotten

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.22.70 Chromium: 89.0.4389.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information: -


If anybody can help that would be great. It just forgot 3 of my 4 google accounts again…

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Thank you for reaching out to us.
I’m wondering if you perhaps have any extensions installed at this time? If so, can you tell me which ones?

Yes I do have the following extensions:

Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller
Google Translate
Privacy Pass

Hmm interesting – it could be the Privacy Pass extension but I think it’s unlikely.
So when you say

Do you mean it signed you out of 3-4 Google sites? Or do you have 3-4 different Google accounts? My assumption has been you’re referring to different sites using the same account.

Either way, I would be curious to see if you get this same behavior when you’re using a new/fresh browsing profile. The only problem there is that you’re saying that it’s hard to tell when the issue will occur, so it may take a while to run that test. However, if you’re willing to it would be a great indicator of what’s going on.

Create a new/temporary browser profile, browse normally for a while and see if the issue shows up when using the new profile.

I mean I have multiple google accounts and at the top right on for example you can switch between those accounts. But it keeps forgetting those.

I can try another profile, but I already created a 2nd one in the past (saw that as a possible solution for something else on the internet somewhere). It looks like it worked for a while, but after a while it did it again. And it’s on a regular interval. First it was within days, than after the reinstall and new profile few months went by without an issue. But now 2 weeks ago it started again.

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What is the interval then? Can you predict when it will happen again?

Do you have any other software running on your PC that cleans or erases data automatically? Something like cCleaner for example?

Sorry I meant to say irregular interval.

No I don’t use any of that. Only have Windows defender running (but that’s by default on windows 10 without any adjustments)

I removed privacy glass extension (probably not the cause, but I didn’t use it anyway).

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I’ve asked some team members for input because I’m not sure what the case is here. Can I ask if it’s the same Google accounts that you’re logged out of every time?

Sometimes it’s only a few that get forgotten (all but the default account, that is the first google account you login with), but I’ve also had cases where it logged me out of every google account (but this only happend once or twice). So it’s not specific to some accounts, but all of them (with the exception of the default one, but also not always).

Sorry for some of the long explanations, but it’s just a bit hard to describe accurately.

(by the way, it just did it again over night, forgotten all but 2 account this time my default and 1 other account.)

This is pretty strange. I’m not sure what to make of it – do you happen to know if this same behavior happens in other browsers?

I do, and no it never happens on my chrome browser.

It just did it again (this time all accounts)

And again (this time every account except the default one)

Is it instant to forget your google accounts? How quickly does it forget the login?

Unless cookies are being cleared (either by an extension/Brave setting to clear cookies) it should remain in the list.

Test in a completely clean profile, try in Brave beta (for example). No extensions. Login to google with 2 or more accounts, stay logged into gmail. and switch between accounts.

Well as I said before I already tried a clean profile. I can try brave beta, sure. And no it does not forget instantly when doing a certain action. Just at some point (duration is different every time) it forget some or all accounts without clearing any cookies (at least I’m not clearing it and so far as I know all settings set to not clear it automatically either.

How is Brave Beta is looking? Also does google still show the signin?

So far so good, but it can take days, weeks or even months sometimes before it does it… so too early to tell.

I’m having exactly the same issue - but I’m on Ubuntu. I have 3 different google accounts and I’m frequently asked to re-login to at least 1 (but often all 3) of the accounts. Unfortunately not entirely predictable. Usually requires a full brave restart to trigger it again. Started happening a few months ago. I keep updating whenever there’s a new brave release but the issue persists. Actually seems to have become more frequent in last month or so.

I have far more extensions than @Blockchainruless - the only one in common is Google translate. This issue also affects my Google Keep extension which keeps asking for me to sign in. This used to be a bug but was fixed a while ago

Just spotted in the closed github issue i linked above that the most recent comment states that this issue has re-emerged in brave-core ( And the new issue is being tracked here:

So perhaps the re-emergence of this extension google auth issue is connected to this general google auth issue.

It’s worth mentioning I only have this logging out problem with my google accounts. No other websites.