Multiple Google accounts unable to be open on Brave browser

I work from multiple google accounts and may need to have multiple Voice, Drives, and emails open.

Whichever account I open first is the account that pulls up for multiple things. For instance: I can sign in and add multiple accounts to one page. Let’s say I’m signed in under account ‘A’ first. Then I also add account ‘B’ and ‘C.’ On account ‘A’ I have google voice open. On a new tab I’d like to open my Google Drive on account ‘B.’ All these have different logins and emails etc attached to them. Under the new tab I can only open whichever account got logged in first, in this case ‘A’. In order to get a new account to show a different feature of my G-suite I have to log out of all accounts and re-log in under the account I wish to open first.

I’m using a chromebook. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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So something like this happens as I’m trying to work right now.

I open up

First logged in account automatically logs in

I use the drop down menu and another logged in account is available

I select to log in to that account. No problem it logs me into google.

But then I select Google Docs and then it opens a new window that has the first account logged in. I literally cannot log in to any other aspect of Google to anything than that first account.

Also it always opens a new window. Is there a way to make it not open a new window? Most browsers open in the same window unless you ctrl+click or whatever to open a new window. I’m feeling like this is part of the problem. It auto-opens a new window no matter what I ever click on.

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