No Notification sound

Description of the issue:
Hi, since the last BRAVE update I no longer have the notification sound, from BRAVE, on my Zenfone Max Pro M2
How can this issue be reproduced?
Every notification ADD

Expected result:
Sound notification from BRAVE…
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2
Android 9

Additional Information:
Actual Settings

All other notification works fine (whatsapp, sms, telegram, etc…)

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If you tap on Brave Ads or Brave Ads sent when browser is in background option, you’ll see additional alert options, including sound.

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Hi Mattches! Thanks for the quick response!
I will wait for the next Ads to be published…
Best regards

Hi Mattches,
As you suggested I’ve looked for more option, but as you can see from the screenshot

there aren’t (the “Menage notifications” link in the low left, just bring me to the previous posted notification manager) But… there is a “BUT” while the screen is on and I’am on BRAVE, browsing…, the notification sound is audible! So, the “problem” come when screen is off!
Any clue about it?

Best regards

What happens when you tap on the i at the top-right?

Hi Mattches, thanks for help,
well if I tap on i here what I can see (more or less nothing, seems almost all configuration I already tried to modify)

I think all Android 9 option are ok, at least for me, but I stillcannot ear the sound notification unless I’m in the app. This wasn’t a problem in the previous BRAVE version (even the last update, received 9hr ago (BRAVE V1.5.8 as I can read in Google Play) have not modified the behavior)

So, some new ideas?

Best regards

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