Mute Ad Notification Sound on Mobile

Can an option be added to Mute the ad notification sounds please? If it doesn’t already exist.

Fine with seeing the ads, but I have a loud and obnoxious notification / text message sound, and I don’t like it going off several times just when browsing.

I also don’t want to come running to my phone, thinking I’ve got an urgent text from my partner or something, only to find its just an ad notification from Brave.

So just an option to disable the sound would be great.

You can go to Brave’s Settings > Notification. You’ll be redirected to your device notification for Brave.

Are you sure? I don’t see that option. There’s something in settings > site settings / notifications, but nothing to do with sound.

I mean this Notifications setting @BobT36?

Oh how strange, I don’t have that option.

Running Brave 1.5.6 on Android 7.1.1.

What sort of settings do you get in that menu?

Trying to upload screenshot but it just says failed. Either way that option is missing from my list. I did however go straight to my Settings > Notifications menu on my device and it only gives the following options:

  • Block All - Never show notifications.

  • Sounds and Vibrations Off - Don’t make sound, vibrate or peek these notifications into view on the current screen.

  • On the Lock Screen - Hide sensitive notification content.

  • Interrupts in Priority Only - Let these notifications continue to interrupt when Do Not Disturb is set to Priority Only.

None of the above seem right.