No navigational sounds from Brave

I just installed Brave and have it setup to my liking and all seems good with the exception of having no sound when I switch tab, click a link, or other sounds that I’ve come to expect in my browsers. Brave in general has sound, just played a Youtube video and it was fine. Any idea why I wouldn’t have any navigational sounds? Thanks

Brave 1.41.100 Chromium: 103.0.5060.134 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS Arch based Xerolinux running Plasma 5.25.4

Devs how about posting how to reenable the navigational sounds you removed?

Devs once again I know that I should be able to restore the navigational sounds. Some help in doing so would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

And yet no reply to this from the devs. For whats suppose to be a great browsers the devs sure aren’t

I’m not a fan of navigational sounds in general, but one for when a download is finished would be appreciated.

There is no legitimate reason for the devs to not have responded to this thread. Yet another reason to use Vivaldi over Brave.

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Sure there is. First off, the devs don’t go through Brave Community on a regular. The Support Team does, but not always Devs. The Devs are usually very busy working on developing things.

And when it comes to Support, they aren’t guaranteed to see or respond to 100% of all issues. Hell, I’m on here probably more than 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, on average and this is the first time I’m seeing your topic. (I’m just a User who helps others, I don’t get paid for this or anything, so it is what it is)

Just FYI, the ONLY way you’ll have a guaranteed response is to submit a support ticket.

Quite frankly, in the 3+ years I’ve used Brave, I don’t recall them EVER having an option for navigational sounds. Heck, even when using Chrome I haven’t seen or heard navigational sounds. When I just tried to look it up online, I found articles like this one that talked about having to install an extension to be able to have those sounds.

Then also found extensions such as Navigational sounds


In Vivaldi, Opera, and Chrome I have my sounds and do not have a extension added for them. I’ll checkout Navigational Sounds in Brave and see how it behaves.


Works perfectly, thanks

Nice to know.

Btw, I just brought up navigational sounds in that last Community Call. I forget the minute marker and don’t want to listen over again right now, but you can check out if you want. I joined in and started talking on topics around 19 minutes and was on most of the call covering questions & topics people had been asking for a while.

Essentially, they said would look into the idea and try to figure it out. They believed it to be one of the things that might sound good at first glimpse but then get annoying after the first 90 seconds (or whatever timeframe they mentioned). There was someone who commented in chat portion that it could be considered an Accessibility option.

I have no idea where things may go from there, but at least wanted to let you know was mentioned to Luke Mulks, Jimmy Secretan, and whoever else was on the call or listening into it later. So it may eventually come to Brave, but until then at least happy extension is able to give you the option you want/need.

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Actually, just was listening to it again and trying to type out questions and answers for people. Link with exact time stamp for question where I mentioned navigational sounds is

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To be blunt sounds like a couple of people going out of their way to be asses.

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