Not received not supported region what

Not supported region, what am i supposed to do?

Wait until Brave supports your region again. Until then, can’t link to Gemini or Uphold, but you can still earn BAT. (And yes, this isn’t anything contacting Gemini or Uphold can resolve, this is Brave that is working on things and is preventing connections)


and about bats that i already won ? i lost them? and if i still can earn it how will i receive it then

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Anything in Gemini or Uphold stays there for you to do whatever you want. Anything else all goes to your browser where you Claim it and then it stays in your browser until you tip Creators or your region is supported again and you link it to a custodial partner.

Nothing gets lost, you always get paid. That said, it’s important you don’t uninstall Brave, format your device, etc. If you delete or corrupt the browser, then you will delete or corrupt all the BAT stored in it.

The same way anyone does when they first get Brave. It pays to your browser and you’ll Claim them monthly.


I clicked on claim and it said that my region is not supported and now this option does not appear anymore only “congrats your rewards arrived” but it didn’t, i think my bats gonne to space :cry:

First off, WELCOME to Brave!!! :fist_right: :fist_left:

I think what @Saoiray is speaking on is that even though your region is presently unsupported, you are still able to earn BAT (claiming through the claim button) that you can use to ‘tip’ content creators via the Brave browser.

Once you hit ‘claim’, the earned BAT get paid directly “to your browser” (as opposed to an external wallet) since you are not currently able to verify through Gemini or Uphold. These earned BAT are stored locally as a file on your device.

Saoiray was cautioning to make sure that you DO NOT uninstall Brave OR format/reset whichever device it is installed on. This is VERY (!) important during this time that you’re unable to verify with Gemini or Uphold because the record of what you have earned (and the earned tokens themselves) STAY “in” your browser until you are able to verify.

Until verification is possible, he mentions, that you will only be able to use your accumulated BAT for tipping content creators through the browser itself.

I hope this cleared things up slightly… lol :wink:


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