No more BAT Rewards, only browsing

Those who are from countries where none of the custodians is supported will not get BATs anymore. You can not even keep it in your browser, seems like brave has made it mandatory to have a custodian. Bad idea.
Screenshot from 2023-08-22 23-05-05

Yep, thats good though. For computing and all it makes it easier. BAT was always going to be on-chain, but they had vBAT in between hoping that the regions unsupported would be brought back, which has happened to a certain extent.

BTW, what region are you from ?
Your name seems to be Indian…

Hope, that’s all we can do.
Yes, from India.

India is going to be back soon. Custodial is ZebPay. Already there in Brave Nightly


That’s really good news. nice. let’s see.

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