No longer any way to search bookmarks

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No place tosearch bookmarks that I can find
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There used to be a bookmark search

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Not sure what older search you’re referring to, but if you go to brave://bookmarks/ there’s a search button at the far right-hand side, and you can search your Bookmarks this way.

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Usually when you open “bookmarks” there is a search included. I would assume Brave like Chrome and Edge would all be similar. Even Brave Android has a search when you open Bookmarks and you don’t have to type brave://bookmarks Chrome and Edge both have a search offered up by clicking on bookmarks. I shouldn’t have to type anything.

I’ve included what each browser shows when clicking bookmarks for ease of understanding

You don’t have to type anything, that is just to make the point that the search is there.

You can go to Menu → Bookmarks → Bookmarks Manager, or press Ctrl+Shift+O, to get to the same place.

Still, looks like Edge is a little more convenient, and in Chrome when you go to the Bookmarks Manager it drops you straight into the Search dialogue. But it’s the same thing.

Also in Brave, once you get to the Bookmarks Manager you can press Ctrl+F if you like, rather than click the Search button.

That may be the way it’s working but that is more tedious than I’d want it to be. What I’d like to see would be if I open or select one of my toolbar bookmark folders the search should be right there at the top.

Sure, but this thread was about there not being any way to search Bookmarks, but you can do it in 2 keystrokes – or even create a ‘Search Engine’ (I’ve posted about this recently) so you can search right in the URL bar – which is the same or less work than the examples you gave.

Yes it would be nice if those options were available too, but if they aren’t there now you can submit a Feature Request here.

Right, it was about being able to search and I don’t ever recall going through any key combos because other than cut, paste and copy I don’t use them nor have I ever gone through multiple clicks. Maybe before you became just another chrome browser it was accessible?

I will make a request. But I would suggest when you are designing this stuff that you include REAL users not coders because most coders get stuck into a mindset of how it is and that’s why they (all browsers) look pretty much the same except for search apparently. The caveat to that is don’t go crazy trying to be different there are certain conventions like cut, paste and copy, et el., that if messed with will destroy your product.

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