No claim for December rewards was there after the new update.

There should have been claim option available after the browser update on 7th, but it was not there. I have not received BAT for December in Uphold verified wallet.


the same for me elsewhere I created another pos before seeing this one.(rewards of december.))

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Same here, I was able to Claim via mobile Android browser, but there’s been no “Claim” option on my Windows browser - it said “your rewards will be transferred” the first week of the month, now all record of my ~5.5 BAT is gone - not in history or statement or pending.

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Same here my December bat token didn’t received yet

Same with me…I also didn’t received bat in mobile browser…and also not showing bat balance which I was getting

Same didn’t get bat for the dec month. No claim rewards option as well.
Using verified Uphold wallet.

Same thing for me, and i have a verified uphold wallet, in november it was ok. I don’t understand.

hi pal. isn’t it to much BAT. how can you earn that much?

same here. how can we solve this

Any updates here? It has been going fine for months but for December, nothing yet.

NVM, just saw this update: Payments Processing. Investigating issue. We are actively working to fully process Uphold payments.

Hi folks, I had an issue on Android where I was unable to verify my Uphold wallet. I sent a request in to have it fixed and they fixed it immediately. The downside is that the brave rewards triangle is missing, therefore no claim button. I’m not sure if this matters but I found it a little odd. I tried logging out/in of Uphold to see if I’d get the ‘customer verification’ questions and didn’t.

I understand that this is in the process of being rectified and I’m sure it will. I just wanted the community to know what I was experiencing with the browser. I haven’t seen the claim button on the PC either.

Thanks for you consideration.

Same issue we are facing…my tokens also disappeared.

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