No Brave Rewards for a month

About a month ago my Brave Reward Ads just stopped. I read somewhere that resetting your wallet sorts this, but on top of losing over 1 BAT by doing this, it hasn’t brought the ads back. Does anyone have any ideas?

@frosty77 Unfortunately, resetting or “reinstalling” brave will also reset your Brave Ads rewards.

As far as ads go. Reduction in ads can be attributed to ad campaigns available in regions, and how many users those ads are being split among. This doesn’t mean this is specifically why, just thought you could take a look at it. I don’t know what region you reside in, but there is only 1 active ad campaign where I reside :frowning:

@Doskiie I’m in the UK, and after I reset my wallet it did say Ads weren’t available in my region. But the next time I opened Brave that message had gone. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:
Your link says there are 60 campaigns in the UK

Just in case anyone is having the same problem, I’ve solved it by turning on Windows Notifications (just for BRAVE)

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Glad to hear it.

There is only one active ad campaign where I reside lol

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