Brave ads went fine for a couple months but stopped 5 months ago

Hello everybody,

so I have not received Brave ads for about 5 months now.

YES I read the FAQ and countless other topics about this issue - I agree that the rewards system is not the main incentive of using Brave and I have read that there might be an abrupt stop when I went through all the ads in the catalog.

However should that not result in me receiving at least 1 ad after a 5 month period of 0 ads? I think there seems to be another issue here,
I have the latest version of Brave, the rewards settings are activated, the upholad account is verified and I have received payments before this 5 month break and yes I am in a region that is supported by the reward system.

Any help is very much appreciated!

So am I gonna get an answer or is this post gonna die like a couple other ones? Brave I had higher hopes for you…

You might get one, but good luck getting it resolved. I’ve been trying to get mine fixed for a very very long time. Well over a year. If it’s not ads, it’s verification, or something else.

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