No ads in a complete month (October)


I’ve been using Brave for a couple months, In the beginning everything was going well fine until August arrives. I detect a really important decreament in the ads that appears, something like 1 or 2 in a complete week. Well, August is over, September came, and I thought that this matter would normalize during this month but to my surprise, I see that they stopped showing up completely. Not a single ad appeared in the entire month. Any solution for this?

This Issue have not change at all. During October i recieve some ads, somelike like 1 BAT. It’s not a problem to me, but it would be great to receive some kind of explanation about why this is: does it have a solution? is it just going to stay like this?


Same problem for me…

Yeap, same problem for me.

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Same problem, I reinstalled the app, got 3 ads today, but obviously I lost my accumulated bat. Honestly I didn’t see much response from the team, but surely there’s something missing, maybe waiting and keep your own bat is the best choice…

I just started using Brave two weeks ago. Not a single ad. Any advice folks?

I’m not getting ads from last 20 days i don’t know what’s the matter. Also no contact with the team.

I have stopped getting ads since the last week of August.

After reinstalling Brave I started to get adds. Coincidence? I can’t tell.

replying to mantain the topic alive.

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