No Brave Ads shown this month

I’ve set the number of ads displayed to 5 a month and it was working fine and dandy for the past 3 months. Come February and I’ve not had a single ad displayed the entire month (maybe just the occasional sponsored image). Can anyone suggest next steps for recourse? Would really like to earn some BAT for my attention :slight_smile:

If it helps:

  • Based in Asia, on corporate VPN (sometimes placed in India or Hong Kong)
  • Using Mac OS, not on full screen mode
  • Updated to latest Brave Version 1.20.108 Chromium: 88.0.4324.182 (Official Build) (x86_64)

TY in advance!

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@sherul hi I think the vpn is the problem here, the brave reward feature is not intended to be used along a VPN

Hi, i have the same problem, I’m living in china so i’m using VPN on my macbook.
But I dont think the problem come from the VPN. I use brave since more than a year and it was working well until January, since that i didn’t received any ads.

I have the last version of Brave
I doesn’t use VPN always but still doesn’t get any Ads since 2 months
I’ve set the number of ads displayed to 5 an hour

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I don’t think the VPN is the problem here either as Brave has a VPN function as well.

@Romain2 - I played around with my MacBook settings and I have fixed it (for now). You can try disabling and then re-enabling notifications for Brave, hopefully that works for you.

So i did try it, but after a week, i still don’t receive any ads, i receive normal notification but no ads. I really don’t understand where the problem is

hi guys, i have the same problem, you find any solution for this?!

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