I am not receiving any Brave Ads and have performed all suggestions

Description of the issue: I am not receiving any Brave Ads

[macOS Catalina Version 10.15.2 – MacBook Pro 2017]

Ways I’ve tried to solve the issue:

  1. I have Brave Rewards and Brave Ads turned on
  2. I turned off the ‘Do Not Disturb’ default checkbox when using a monitor (second display screen)
  3. I went into my notifications in Apple and turned on all notifications for Brave
  4. I am not using a VPN
  5. I am in the United States (California)

I’m not sure what else I’m missing.

I’ve been receiving ads frequently on my iOS version of Brave.

Thank you.

Make sure you have these settings updated.
Restart Brave.
Then it should start working.

I did this and still nothing.

I’ve exited out of Brave several times.

Do I need to re-download?

Thank you for your help!

Just browse as you usually do, @nicktoken. Brave will match your browsing history locally with the available ads catalog.

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Hey eljuno, I still haven’t received any ads.

Do you know why else this could be?

i have same problemj ust like you.
no ads still.

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The same problem, for the last tour days

I’m just curious. Are you guys using VPN? Because if you are, maybe the VPN server location that your’e using isn’t a supported region by Brave or a region where there are just a few advertisers?

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i am not using vpn in my pc

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