No Brave Ads payment Decemeber (Zebpay)

Brave is no longer showing ads . I do not see my payment of decemeber in Zebpay account.
it just showing only 0 in account balance after payments complete. Please help me.

Please submit any payment concerns here:

We can take a look. Thanks!

When I send email for support to brave community. I received this email.

I am new user. What is the meaning of this email? My account is flagged? But I receive ads. Sorry I forgot to say I am using multiple accounts. I see my brave wallet it’s show 0 bat. This is my first payment. I listen multiple accounts payment are arrived late. This is true? Please solve my this problem. Say all problem in deep. How I fix this? Please tell me about this solution.

U wont be able get payment , though u can watch ads and earn bat but payments for bat token is stoped for your custodian account.
I lost nearly 78 Bat token.
I was following rules and regulations.
But my reward are flagged.

I have the same problem as yours, and I also received the same email.

Hello - If you received this email it means your profiles were thoroughly reviewed and will not be reinstated.

Closing this out as OP’s case was submitted and reviewed.

Thank you