Zero Ads Seen Fix (?)

I’ve seen many others posting about issues with Brave claiming they’ve seen zero ads when they actually have. After several months (and no replies from support) I found my payment date (for 0 BAT) kept getting pushed out and I tried to find some sort of a fix.

I noticed my other profiles seemed to be generating and getting paid BAT just fine. I tried resetting my profile, but no luck. So, I’ve simply created a new profile and seem to be generating BAT for ads views again. I haven’t connected my wallet yet, but this might be a semi-painful fix if you’re also suffering from this unaddressed issue.

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We address these issues quite literally every single day, hundreds of times a day.

It sounds like you’re seeing ads just fine except for on one profile. Can you tell me how many profiles you have?

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hi I have 4 profiles I used get ads for all 4 profiles last month but from new updated version of brave(1.25.70) I am not getting any ads on my all profiles

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