No bat received yet in uphold wallet steeven

no bat received yet in uphold wallet steeven i don t understand why all month same problem with me


Hi @libanais75 - as mentioned earlier, please see - Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account. A fix is currently on its way.


but why lot off people received all month their bat and me all month i have problem
my account is suspicious??? i use many many brave ON COMPUTER AND on my phone more and more AND I HAVE 2 phone now i wait for other phone tu connet it to uphold brave but reallly i don’t trust i prefer send it on tips maybe

hi @steeven can you tell me you need other screenshot or now i still wait or what ?

@steeven and this month maybe i had found an issu for the problem you remember all my bat lost each time i closed browser or do update you kow the famous message
UH OH…and this month i try with another profile and all was good lol i was happy and now other problem

Are you having a Bat number> 60?

hello in my phone i have 38.25 bat and my computer 19.5 bat so in total 57.75 bat why?

Even im having the same problem…my android phone and windows laptop let linked to same uphold account but BAT has not been credited yet

This is the first time this is happening to me

yes and the amount different on the phone and on computer not syncronised wallet

I asked a lot of faulty people like us
Most have accumulated a relatively large number of Bat
With wallet <60 bat, there is very little error.

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yes but it’s not my fault I receive about 20 ads per day on my phone and 15 on my computer i used it every day and now i have a new phone so i have 2 phone and computer

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It looks like you and I have the same problem
Two months have passed and I still have not received any payment from brave ads
And they don’t answer my DM
You try DM for them

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yes i dm for steeven he s the lonely personn who can help but i wait he send me this Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account

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Two months ago I had the same thoughts as you
Now, when the number of bat pending is more than 100, I ignore it

why did you ignore it you paid after?

no hope
They seem to have omitted that Bat number
Maybe I’ll never get paid

but they answer you you received nothing since how much time and how much you wait

I get nothing from them
Very boring
Will wait another month and remove the brave from my devices

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yes i think to a lot of people complain about the false advertising because you set the advertisements you can put 5 per hour so logically if you are on your computer 7 hours a day that makes 35 advertisements but you receive maximum 20 or 25 but a member of support @Mattches don’t Believe me and told me it’s impossible yet I’m not inventing it I receive about 700 ads per month on my phone and 500 ads on computer

)))) I receive 50 ads per day
Do you believe
If you are a gamer this is normal.