Haven’t Received BAT for the last 3 months

Since 3 months my bat rewards are stored on the browser wallet but I don’t receive them on uphold.


same for me, they are working on this case but don’t know, maybe we should start using an other browser, because, brave is earning money, even if we do not get our BAT onto uphold.


Yep, I’m in the same boat too. Seems a bit shady.


I don’t know if using another browser is the best thing to do… Brave is having problems, that’s why I’m making this post to improve it.

Have you checked your Uphold account? They should be going there. I have received all of mine for every month I have used Brave browser. Which has been a long time :slight_smile:

same thing here, sent DM on reddit and here to @steeven but never received a reply

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I check my account every day …

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yes and that’s a good thing, i tried it too, but after waiting over 3 months without anything happening is frustrating.


Of course it’s frustrating, especially now … the price of tokens and crypto-money is going up every day … I’d like to have my share.

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@indomie_kuah what’s your Reddit handle? Will check right away. Thanks!

It’s embarrassing because the creator of the post is me but you were replying to another one :joy:

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Absolutely embarrassing and unbelievable. I DM’ed last month and never heard a thing and BAT haven’t been transferred to Uphold since October 2020. And I’ve read plenty of posts like yours that say the same thing. Wonder how @steeven picks and chooses who to reply to?

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I don’t know how he does or manages his work, but it’s unacceptable to come on someone’s post and respond to someone else’s problem.

Hi @steeven my Reddit username is zeusswiener, last conversation we had was over a month ago, please check our conversation there at your earliest convenience. Thank you I really appreciate it!

@steeven Maybe you could focus on my problem because this is my post.

Hi @Damokles @dahbou - I appreciate your feedback. We’re a tiny team and it’s easy to miss things. My intent is to help everyone who needs it. @Damokles did you end up receiving this months payment? If not, please DM me your wallet ID.

@dahbou I do not see a DM from you. I’ll send you one right now.

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I sent you a private message :slight_smile:

y todos los otros que te escribimos y no tenemos respuesta? deberias atendernos tenemos los mismos problemas todos

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Hi @Damokles @indomie_kuah - please see my DM’s. Thanks.

Have the same problem. I opened a ticket with uphold, they said its Braves problem. I opened a ticket with Brave, they havent even responded. Its been a month since I put in the ticket. Its been 3 months since uphold received anything. My PC browser says 260 BAT, uphold says 260. My phone browser shows 299. Brave just refuses to sync to uphold. I’m getting tired of being ignored.