No BAT Amount in Wallet After Mobile Update


Please see the attached images.

I updated my Brave Browser today via the Google Playstore.

However, my BAT balance is now zero.

How can this be fixed?

I had this exact same problem, same version was updated to on my Android. Glad I’m not the only one. Hope they can do some thing about it.

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same issue here. Just updated it.

Same situation here, it still shows may expected payment only. So I couldn’t see any way to get my 15-20(not sure exact amount) BAT

Same was 150 BAT before…

Same here

Same issue, I had 58 bat and poof. Vanished… Quite annoying since I like the concept, if we loose everything after every update…

Same problem here. I had like 180 Bat.

Same lost about 200 bat, hopefully a fix is coming soon.

Same here. 112BAT disappeared. Hope a fix is coming soon.

Updated today, same issue.

BAT balance is zero after update, Brave version 1.8.93. Fix please.

I just posted the same question. I lost almost 250 BAT.

Hello Brave team,
Is there any progress on the issue?

kenapa wallet saya nenjadi 0 selepas kemaskini?

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