Disappeared bat from brave wallet

Description of the issue: Hello, what is happening here? I can’t understand that, I had 25.2 bat on my brave wallet but suddenly it’s disappeared 19.2 bat and only 6 bat remaining my brave wallet. On 6 August I saw a claim option on bat icon and I claimed that and I earned 19.2 bat. And my brave wallet had 6 bat before. After claiaming 19.2 bat it’s added to 25.2 bat but suddenly it’s showing only 6 bat. Please help me.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. If I get back 19.2 bat quickly

Expected result: I want to get back my lossed bat. I lossed totally 19.2 bat.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.12.113

Mobile Device details Oppo A92020

Additional Information: Please help me. I want to get back 19.2 bat I have sent my brave version, OS, and rewards panel .please check that and help me.

did you receive any payout into your uphold this month?

If yes, as they have fixed some issues yesterday, now the resulting bat after updating to uphold will be seen in your browser.

else if you didn’t get any bat updated to uphold in this month, this may be some other issue.

I told that only 6 bat remaining on brave wallet and today I noticed that only 6 bat received my uphold. And I got 6 bat in uphold. But 19.2 bat has vanished many days ago. I told @steeven but he didn’t solve my problem. I did also DM him. But he didn’t solve my problem. I lossed 19.2 bat.

0h, apology for misunderstand this is something new case then.

Hope soon you get the lost bat @90rk :slightly_smiling_face:

@90rk - I refunded your wallet over a week ago.

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steeven can you look dm for the payment ?

Please see response @18shitari

i sended you new info can you look @steeven

Please see latest. thanks

What is this sended :flushed::flushed::flushed::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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I’m using Brave Browser for android
due to some difficulty opening the app, even facebook website cannot open (almost website I left with it, all white), what I’m doing is clear storage of this Brave browser app
The problem is I cannot verify again because of 25 BAT requirement, I have 14 estimated BAT earnings to be paid by September 6 and goes 0 est BAT earnings because of clear storage
The question is how can I recover those estimate BAT earnings again while your 25 BAT requirement is there
I’m already a verified user and linked it to Uphold account, also withdrawn cryptos twice from Uphold last two months
all my estimated earning (14 BAT) are lost, because of your buggy app, even your recent update, also bugged at browsing
Suggestion: Maybe the target of your 25 BAT requirement is on Uphold wallet, not your Browser because, the worst case scenario is what I had experienced today, CANNOT VERIFY (have to earn BAT again to reach 25 BAT just to verify? can frustrate users

this my Brave Reward statistics now, back to 0 BAT

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