No Audio going to USB devices

Here is the configuration:
iMac > USB Audio System > Headphones
Conditions that work:
Youtube (tv) content provides audio to the above configuration using Firefox or Safari.
Conditions that don’t work:
Youtube (tv) content audio does not work when using Brave or Chrome browsers with the above configuration.
If I change the Output device on the iMac from the USB device to “Internal Speakers”, audio is heard.

Steps I have taken to resolve:

  1. Upgraded and re-installed Brave and Flash.
  2. Verified that Flash and Sound are “Allowed” on the pages that I am connecting to.
  3. I have disabled all of the extensions and re-enabled them with no success.

This appears to be a fundamental flaw in the design of Chromium based browsers at this point.
Any steps to get this working would be deeply appreciated.


To confirm, you’re saying that if you change the Audio settings on the OS to “Internal Speakers”, then Audio does go through your headphones? Or if you change it to internal speakers it plays from the mac itself?

Plays from Mac only with Brave or Chrome.

Can you try closing all Brave instances, making sure that your headphones are plugged in, then launch the browser? See if you’re able to get sound this way. Additionally, can you try restarting the sound controller? On your system, open the Activity Monitor and search for the coreaudiod process. End the process, confirm that system sound works, then test in Brave again.


No Joy!
Remember, sound works on Youtube if I choose the built-in iMac speakers. The only thing that it does not do (which Firefox does) is send the audio out the USB port to my DAC when I choose it as the system default for output. It seems that only Chromium based browsers have this issue. :frowning:

Here are my options on the Mac for audio settings:


“Internal Speakers” work, iFi does not with Brave or Chrome.

Okay – so I think Im getting a clearer picture now, thank you.
So basically, you have an iFi Audio device of some kind connected to your iMac via USB, and your headphones are connected to that.
Is that correct so far?

Let me know – I’m doing some digging on iFi.

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