Nightly >1.13.12 left click links not responsive

Hi, I have been using nightly on linux since 1.9 and I’ve never had any issues to complaint about. I’d never thought I’d say something like this for something built on a google platform…

I’ve had 1.13.12 then 1.13.16 then 1.13.24 and I have noticed on the last two at least that sometimes clicking (left) on links takes a second time. It doesn’t seem to be a mouse problem as it is not happening anywhere else, It is not a precision issue or anything like that, even on real simple html with very few links I click on the icon once and nothing happens and the second click activates the link.

Not much of a problem just though it may help developers relate the change to something they know better or if cross this observation with any other related “bugs??”.

CPU/GFX run of the mill Intel stuff with i915,

Keep up the good work

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