Brave nightly is too buggy

brave nightly 1.15.23 is the last update is too buggy, can’t even open a new ta wiithout freezing, the previous one was so smooth


the device also is turning laggy and without any tab open, brave is taking +1 GB of the RAM, it is paralyzing my laptop

U received ads on it Today?

yeah i did, but the browser was freezing between every click, i am using MC Edge to write and know what is the problem

What was the problem then if you know it?

I have used it for a year now (linux), following every other minor release, the first problem I’ve encountered with missing profile/bm/tabs is with editions higher than 1.16.14 (particularly 1.16.23 and 28 that I tried can’t find previous settings/profile)

But functionality in general has never been an issue.

I haven’t had any browser breaking issues that I recall. Been smooth sailing. Or as smooth as expected in a Canary/Nightly browser release.

Brave Nightly is intended to be buggy. The Nightly version is the most recently updated version of the browser but has not yet gone through any of the release channels.

The browser gets updated by our developers (direct source code), then this new source is pushed into Nightly builds. This is for testing and calibrating new features/functions. Adjustments are made, then when it’s ready, that build moves from Brave Nightly build --> Brave Developer build. This process repeats and new builds are pushed and adjusted until they’re ready to be pushed into Brave stable.

More information here:

except for the recent 1.16 version switching location of profile and scaring us that we lost all saved work, I’ve not encountered any bugs.

But this is on linux, and linux without systemd, logind, ck, or dbus running. Truly minimal environment … and it is fully functional still.

So you are being too conservative saying it is expected to be buggy