In this website, link should be double clicked

When I surf , I have to click everything for two times. I have visited this website for a long time, but this problem has been occurred for about two weeks. However, when I switch off the block ads and tracking option of the shield, it is solved. In Android version of Firefox, there is no problem.
I also will try it on desktop version and will write the result.
Android, Brave 1.3.2.

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Took a bit to debug, but because a lot of links are tied to adservers and trackers it’ll cause this issue. probably won’t be fixed due to the privacy/security of whitelisting these servers.

Same issue occurred with adblock extensions, so its not a “Brave issue”.

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Might have a fix, WIP.


I tried it with Windows desktop version of Brave. Brave nightly has same issiue but, steable version of Brave doesn’t. Also, in Windows, Firefox in privite tab had the same problem.
I think it would be better if it is solved because this site has #12 alexa rank in Turkey.

Give it 24-48hrs. I rolled out a potential fix.

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