New tab background image based on the selected system theme

New tab background images should respect the selected system theme setting and show background images based on their brightness.
I’m tired of spamming F5 through these bright images:

just to get the darkest image from the pool:

I agree, I changed my web browser and chrome has 3 options in theme change:
“dark, light, follow system”, but brave only have “light,dark”.

For me that is web developer, it’s a little bit annoying changing theme, I use Linux Fedora and have a big button toggle for that in Gnome interface, but for change in Brave I need to open settings menu and change manually.

That will kill your privacy. You can add a custom newtab page if you want, I like hacker tab, and following the instructions to set up to it’s full potential.

By using an extension here you can customize the way your new tab behaves instead of mashing f5 and that will solve your problem. Darkreader will also replace tracking icons that googles firebase ads uses with good ole static image files, rather than the animated trackers called “Lottie” animations. That’s probably how youtube is “catching” everybody by the way. The youtube logo itself is what is checking your configuration to see if you’re blocking adds. This image shows how to kill the script that’s suddenly getting around our paywall blockers btw. Don’t go hog wild with that, be precise :-D.