Removing and Replacing Brave "New Tab" Backgrounds

There should an option or in this case a “feature” to change the background of the brave tab instead of having the gradient background constantly even if you turn off the background and add a new one from chrome web store. What i mean is that i think that there should be an option to not only stop seeing brave backgrounds and sponsored backgrounds, but all of braves backgrounds so we ,the users of brave, can design our own backgrounds which should be the point of the customize tab at the bottom right, however, that isn’t the case. All i want is to be able to change the theme of the tab itself without it being covered by the constant orange to blue gradient picture in front of my theme. Many brave users have this issue with the tab customization’s and would love for it to be fixed, so hopefully my message helps other people and me in the act of gaining the ability to change the background.

  • Winston D.

Did u found any way, i’m sick of the pink-purple thing.

It’s a work in progress, unfortunately no release date for the feature has been given so far.

I would love to be able to use my own custom background images. Some of current images really annoy me. A browser should not elicit negative emotions. I am also tired of the pink background on desktop (not to mention gray or white background on Android). Not showing background images was good way out for some time but, for the last year or so I have been switching off and on to other browsers (even when I do like Brave).