Personal New Tab images

I would like to see an option for replacing colour or sponsered images for personal pictures from ones device to placed on the background of the New Tab page.


Cool Idea. Me too. :wink:

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Brave Team has said they would do it since more than 1 year ago, so I don’t think it will even come anymore. I mean, come on, how hard can it be?

I use the New Tab Redirect extension. It works great!

Once installed, you will need to enter chrome-search://local-ntp/local-ntp.html in the Redirect URL box on the Extension options page and you will need to install a theme from the Chrome Webstore to be able to customize the background image.

Once the theme is installed, click on the Customize button in the bottom right of the New Tab page to select a custom background image. (If you later decide you want to go back to the theme image, select the No background option. Even if you select a new theme, your custom background will override the theme image.)

Additionally, to implement theme backgrounds completely, in Brave settings set On startup > Open the New Tab page and Show home button > New Tab page.

Once these settings are implemented, themes will work as they should!!!

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Great extension, but I’d still like to have a custom background image on the original new tab, because I love seeing the AdBlock stats