I dont receive and ads or tab ads

Hello, Can anyboy help me, I dont receive any ads, tab ads don’t count anymore can you help me? my brave [Version 1.22.67 Chromium: 89.0.4389.90], I m from romania by the way is that a problem?

are rewards and ads still enabled in the rewards section of settings? if not, ttry enabling them again

everything is on, I have restore the browser I have clear the history and nothing happened

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@OvyGrecu check this link 5o see if there are active campaigns for your region

there are active campaigns, I only receive only 3 ads today… IS THIS NORMAL?

Yes, it is, specially if there are not much ads available for your region. Here you can find an explanation.

Make this experiment, choose one of the available ads for you that you had not seen. Do some browsing of topics related to the ad.

I did that and the next day the browser showed me that ad :grin:


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