Feature Needs for Brave/Dissenter

Some ideas of what Brave/Dissenter needs to make the move over permanently:

  1. A way to add more than 1 row of bookmarks in the bookmark toolbar (in Settings, 1-3 or 1-5, whatever a user may require). We use 3 here.
  2. Allow an option for bookmarks from the toolbar to open in a new tab to eliminate the need to right click, then select it.
  3. Definitely need more URL bar customization, as each user is unique, thus allow the user to relocate/move Home buttons, Forward/Back buttons, Extension icons, etc to where they want/need them.
  4. Too many simple features require an extension to have them, like to have a Print page button/function, which works, but print feature with button in the url bar should be there.

Looking forward to using Brave/Dissenter as primary, but these are some of the obvious things keeping us from making that move.

Hi @TheWayOfYahweh,

Welcome back to community!

Thank you for the above feature suggestions, I will pass these onto the team!!

Thank you very much!


Has anyone come up with any ways to overcome these issues yet?

Is there any word/status on the next update to Brave/Dissenter?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The ZOOM feature by dragging my fingers across the glide pad is a real nuisance and I’d like to disable it. I can always use the manual system from the upper right corner.