Bookmark Bar Features

I recently switched from Firefox to Brave browser and absolutely love the speed, privacy and slickness of it. A few feature requests though that I think will tremendously enhance the user experience :

Vertical Separators for Bookbar icons :

Pls make a provision for vertical separators between icons on the Bookbar. I use these separators in Firefox to group different category icons - like for email websites, banking & financial etc. - makes for easier categorization

Smaller spacing between Bookbar icons :

Compared to Firefox, a lot lesser icons fit on the Brave book bar - perhaps the spacing between the icons can be reduced or made adjustable.

Bookbar icons not showing images :

A lot of bookmark icons in Brave do not display the icon image - can this be looked into as without it, recognizing the target website becomes difficult for someone like me who has a ton of icons on the bookbar and goes only by the icon image as opting to show the website name will not be feasible.

Hoping for feedback & contribution on this from other users.

And thx Brave team for an excellent browser that puts the power & benefits of our data back in our hands !

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+1 for bookmark separators both vertical and horizontal. I know Chrome haven’t implemented this, but Vivaldi has and it works like a charm

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