Multi instance usage with multiple profiles at the same time


I would like to know if it is reachable (and how) to have a multiple isntances of brave running with using multiple profiles?
My solution with firefox is currently i have 4 seperate instalment. All release version. Also i have 4 individual profile folder.
Each instalment has its own profile {but could start any profile} (one for main usage, one for listening music, one is “vanilla” and one is as a “default browser” in case something wants to open a browser [game “news” button, programs’ “Download the upgrade now” buttons etc.]), and almost all has its own addon-pack, history, etc.
Any can be opened next to any other what is running… there is no unvanted crosstalk. Even all 4 can run at the same time.

Is this system/goal is reacheble with brave? (My high bet is on yes, hence chromium based browsers can run next to each other, but i never thought about an “in brand” solution…)

Not possible as far as I’m aware of.

But this one is possible. Menu > Create new profile.

Thanks for the info… Sad news, kinda :confused:

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