Requesting another provider for custodial wallet

Hello Brave Team!
I am experiencing a lot of issues in verifying at uphold.
The saddest thing is, They are not even interested in helping me :frowning:
they just they can’t do this and that etc.

If you can connect binance too as a custodial wallet provider, this will bring ease for many users in verifying their wallets.
Looking for a quick response.

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Gemini wallets will be available soon.

,soon, for the brave team means 1 year+ :))))))))))) :sweat_smile: they keep saying SOON from 2020 sept:))

Can you please let us now where did you get your info?
A link will be appreciated. Thx in advance.

Sorry I don’t think gemini will be any of help as gemini is only available for the US

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Read and share my post below to push Brave into offering a new acceptable wallet in replacement of the Uphold wallet.

I contacted Veriff- The KYC provider for Uphold.
They Did all the hard work with me,
But Uphold is not interested :frowning:
The process is very long with about 50 Emails, If you are interested in viewing them Please Notify me

Gemini wallet is not a good alternative. It is not available to users in all countries.

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Something Like Binance Will be good :slight_smile:

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