New Brave Update is NOT SUPPORTED on my OS and will no longer run

Where can I find the download link to a that runs under my OS (OS X ver. 10.10.5).

Brave updated itself today… and I’m now locked out from using it… receiving error messages instead of a working and functioning program.


I really don’t appreciate that this software updates itself like this.

If I wanted to spend the better part of an evening upgrading my system I would have sat down to do that… BUT I had plans to do research and work instead… and can’t because the program isn’t running anymore.

Where is a download link, so that I can fix this problem, and get back into what I was doing.

Bonus Question: What Brave developer thinks it’s a good idea to have an update lock down the functionality of the program?

Is it too hard to add in a warning message, or block an update that’s knowingly incompatible with an older OS?

See Can I get an older version of Brave? or try (based on Brave).

I can’t answer the “bonus” question.

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