Updated Brave on Mac High Sierra but unsupported

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Saw a notice that Brave was out of date. Proceeded to download and install Brave again.
  2. Downloaded and installed and now Brave Will not open as it requires newer OS version.

Expected result:

To be able to use Brave without Youtube complaining about blocked ads.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

I need 1.57.64. Latest version does not work on High Sierra

Additional Information:

Cannot find a way to install order version. Github found version I need says Brave-Browser-*.dmg will install this version, what does that mean???
Why would Brave alert me to update and then give me a version incompatible with my OS??? If I’m already running the latest version for my OS there should be no update request.

It likely will urge you every once in a while to update and inform you of the risks of using an outdated version, but it shouldn’t be trying to force update to newer versions. I’m not even sure what the notice is, but I’m assuming it should also be warning you about using an older OS.

Can you share screenshots of the messages you’re receiving?

This is something you may eventually be out of luck on if you’re just using an older version. They have implemented more capabilities for Shields in newer versions of Brave. Eventually you may end up with a lot of incompatible filters and all. I’m not quite sure how much of the changes they are able to provide to you via background updates in brave://components.

I will tag in @Mattches though to see if he might be able to answer better how those changes occur on the browser and if you indeed be lacking some of those features already?

Which error are you seeing here? screenshot? Which Brave build are you using?

@fanboynz They mentioned 1.57.64 as what they are using, because they are on High Sierra (which I think is Mac 10.13)

With some of the things added in more recent versions of Brave, Shields would be losing out on capabilities, right? Would that also include any of the more recent filters to combat YouTube adblock issues?

I need 1.57.64. Latest version does not work on High Sierra

They need that version, isn’t the version they’re using

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@holiday101 I got myself a bit confused on what you were saying. As you were saying, instructions for your OS is at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/18347246446733-Changes-to-macOS-desktop-browser-requirements where 1.57.64 is the last version you could use.

It provided a link to https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases/tag/v1.57.64 and told you to download Brave-Browser-universal.dmg in the list.

It means there’s a bunch of files listed on that link and you’re supposed to download the one specific, such as I have highlighted in the screenshot below:

Thanks for pointing out again. For some reason I saw it as if they went to update and they had issues. Then for some reason was thinking they put back the other version and was having issues on YouTube.

Still want to ask, people using 1.57.64 would still be protected on YouTube issues or would they be lacking?

So I figured out that I need to go to the assets section to find the exact download but I believe the reason I never saw such initially was the fact that for some reason in Safari on my Mac that section of the webpage was not loading. So I downloaded and transferred via another computer. Installed and I’m back to where I was.

I do wish that there was some kind of system check that would only notify of an update based on current OS. As for the Youtube warnings, seems this is something new on their end. I don’t really understand it as on Youtube I am logged into an account and I do obviously see all the commercial ads that are placed by Youtube into videos. So what “ads” are being blocked? Not sure what more Youtube is wanting. Anyways on my other computer that is all up to date I don’t have this issue any more.

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