Brave stalling system shutdown

Description of the issue:

After using Brave Browser in Ubuntu 16.04, closing the app and trying to shutdown or reboot system, the desktop freezes for about 30 seconds and only after that, the system shutdown or reboot.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Just open Brave Browser and close. It’1s not necessary to navigate or do anything.

Expected result:

Brave Browser is not supposed to mess with anything in the system.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

I have this problem only with Brave Browser. I also use Chromium and Firefox and no issue is observed.

It’ll be the last time i’ll point to this issue here since the last two times i got no answer, not even a single word. If no answer, there won’t be any solution but uninstall Brave Browser. It’s not necessary to update the OS right now. Or you solve the issue, or stop providing support for Ubuntu 16.04.

@Pinho ,

Might be some of the trouble:

One of the processes, may be stubborn – remaining connected to some location on the Internet, or not answering a call.

I thought about that. In the other hand, i just can’t find anything unusual in the Brave’s or Chrome processes at all. Everything seens normal.

Also, it may be something related to one process connected to the Internet that simply refuses to answer as you said. So, it’s something to be checked by Brave community in my opinion. Maybe there’s something i can do to check or even get rid of it, but for that, i need guidance.

Today i tested Chrome and Vivaldi and both shown the same issue. Strangely it doesn’t show up with Chromium. I misjudged about Brave being the ONLY factor for this problem i must confess. I’ve never used Vivaldi for once until today and Chrome for many years.

Processes related to extensions seem to have this problem quite a lot for me. I’m curious whether this problem persists if you disable all extensions, @Pinho ?

(See also: Brave won't shut down fully, and therefore cannot relaunch)

Thanks for the tip!

However, i don’t have any extensions installed.

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