New android version 1.8.112

thanks for the 1.8.112 Android update,
site verification works,
rewards are back
good job
good night


I updated(android 1.8.112) my browser.But my all adv reward is zero and there isnt any adv reward that I will claim. Please help me :disappointed_relieved: @Asad @sampson

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Same for me @engineerrr06 : Lost BAT after the last update (Android App) :pleading_face:

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Same to me. We need to wait few days. See this.
Android hotfix in Android v1.8.112 (May 14, 2020).
IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two sets of users on Android. (1) Some will see their earnings (or claim button) appear immediately; (2) others will see the payment show up in a few days after the hotfix has been applied.

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